Black Lives Matter Toronto Tent City (#BLMTOtentcity) is an occupation of Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square and Police Service Headquarters beginning on Sunday, March 20th 2016 and continuing though Monday, April 4th 2016 where protesters effectively put law enforcement and public representatives on notice. The action was a peaceful response to anti-Black racism and police brutality after a culmination of events including the death of Jermaine Carby, a 33-year-old Black man who had been killed by police in Peel minutes after leaving his home and the Ontario Special Investigation Unit’s (SIU) announcement that the officer(s) who killed Andrew Loku, a Black man with a history of grappling with mental health, will not face criminal charges.

This page is intended to serve as a comprehensive account of the #BLMTOtentcity occupation which even in the face of violent opposition has quickly transformed into a worldwide community of resilience, artistic expression, political change, and mutual sustainability. Please see below for demands, timeline, photos, video, and news coverage.

Read janaya’s account of the birth of #BLMTOtentcity



#BLMTOtentcity will continue until Mayor Tory, Premier Wynne, and Chief Saunders adhere to these 6 demands:

  1. The immediate release of the name(s) of the officer(s) who killed Andrew Loku and charges to be laid against the officer(s)
  2. The adoption of the African Canadian Legal Clinic’s demand for a coroner’s inquest into the death of Andrew Loku
  3. An overhaul of the province’s Special Investigations Unit in consultation with families of victims of police violence, the Black community, and the community at large
  4. A condemnation of Toronto police’s excessive use of force and ongoing intimidation tactics against Black Lives Matter Toronto protesters
  5. The immediate release of the name(s) of the officer(s) who killed Alex Wettlaufer and charges to be laid accordingly
  6. A commitment to the full elimination of carding including the deletion of all previously recorded data, reframing of regulations to prohibitions, consistent implementation policy amongst different police boards, and concrete disciplinary measures for officers who continue to card

See janaya’s blog on #BLMTOtentcity’s demands


#BLMTOtentcity Timeline

March 20th: #BLMTOtentcity occupation is born out of an action that began as a rally

March 21st: The occupation moved to Toronto Police Headquarters where they were threatened with arrest then brutalized and vandalized by police while agents in hazmat suits sprayed unidentified chemicals in the air

March 22nd: The community shows up with love and supplies to replenish what had been destroyed while police continue to surveil through the night

MUJER releases solidarity statement

March 23rd: Mini Black Arts Festival is manifested with storytellers, singers, dancers, performers, and visual artists, others continue to show up in solidarity and offer wellness support, and the police cut the power

The City of Toronto and festival organizers announce that Afrofest will return as a two-day festival after pressure from the #BLMTOtentcity movement

March 24th: BLMTO holds a press conference alongside Litigation Lawyer, Saron Gebresellassi, to announce a lawsuit against the Toronto Police Service

March 25th: The Toronto & York Region Labour Council announces solidarity, CUPE Ontario announces participation, Latin American Queer Education Project announces solidarity, and over 100 prominent artists and community leaders sign a statement of support

March 26th: #BLMTOblackOUT rally is held in front of police headquarters, over 3,500 people attend, College Street is shutdown

In response Toronto City Councillors Mike Layton, Kristyn Wong-Tam, and Gord Perk’s plan to submit a motion in council requesting that the provincial government review police conduct in Toronto and how the SIU conducts investigations

TORONTO BLACK CITY MIXTAPE : A Love Letter In Song To Black Community is released

March 27th: DJ Craig Dominic creates a ‪#‎BLMTOtentcity‬ mixtape

janaya and BLMTO reps appear on NewsTalk1010 for a one-hour interview

March 28th: AJ+ releases video on #BLMTOtentcity and it receives over 828,000 views

March 29th: BLM Montreal and allies gather in Norman Bethune Square to show solidarity with the mobilization efforts of BLMTO

March 30: BLMTO Co-Founder Sandy Hudson appears on CTV News Channel to talk about Mike Layton’s motion, overhauling the SIU, and the foolishness of the Toronto Police Association president

March 31st: Motion to ensure police services and investigations are fair and transparent is submitted to the Toronto City Council

BLM­TO goes to the family home of Kathleen Wynne to invite them to ‪#‎BLMTOtentcity‬ to engage in conversations surrounding their demands

April 1st: BLMTO shows up at City Hall with a giant copy of the SIU report and demands the names of the officer(s) that killed Andrew Loku

The Toronto City Council votes unanimously in favour of the motion that asks the province to review police services in Toronto and Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) through an anti-Black racism lens

The Black Liberation Collective holds a discussion and strategizing meeting at #BLMTOtentcity

Almost 100 Black faculty members issue a statement of support

April 2nd: On the 13th day the occupation reaches 300 hours, Najla Nubyanluv’s reads her new children’s book ‘I Love Being Black’, Fusion Collective Choir performs

April 3rd: #BLMTOtentcity serves Black Beautiful Brunch including vegan and gluten free pancakes, fresh fruit, sausages and waffles

April 4th: #BLMTOtentcity holds their final action at Toronto Police Headquarters called Black Reckoning, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne visits, BLMTO leads a procession and shuts down College Street holding a banner saying “Which side of history are you on?”, there’s dancing in the street, BLMTO leaves behind their final demand that in 300 hours, or 12 and a half days, Mayor John Tory, police Chief Mark Saunders and Premier Kathleen Wynne must meet with them publically, a banner is also left behind reading:

“You are on notice. Your anti-blackness has been exposed. We are not finished.”



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