August 27th, 2016

Black Lives Matter just arrived at the Standing Rock resistance in North Dakota.
Warriors on horseback are on treaty land, yet could be charged with trespassing every time they enter due to pipeline construction.

Construction is halted at Cannon Ball River but can start again at any time. We fighting big oil.

This is our fight, these are our people.



UPDATE: August 28th

Since there seems to be an abundance of anti-Black racism regarding BLM’s solidarity caravan to Standing Rock, I thought to address some of it here:

  1. We as Black Lives Matter, and as Black people, do not need to continuously justify ourselves as non-violent.
    If we were not plural and adaptive in strategy, we would not have survived every effort to destroy us. The very idea that Black people are inherently violent is anti-Black racism. This is especially apparent when the violence thrown against our bodies constantly is never acknowledged
  2. There has been the assertion that our Black presence will compromise the peaceful protest at Standing Rock. Let’s be clear on this, peace was broken when white imperialists and colonizers stole the land, attempted genocide against Native peoples and enslaved African people to then build this country. 
    Continuing to pillage and exploit Native land and break treaty agreements while criminalizing Native people is violent.
    Denying Native people their right to their own land and threatening them with federal trespassing is violent.
    The pipeline is violent.
    That’s where your focus should be.
    Black Lives Matter coming to Red Warrior camp through invite is not violent.
  3. Black and African people are Indigenous people too. This may not be our land, and some of us in the Diaspora can no longer trace our roots due to enslavement of our ancestors, but we are not less indigenous to the continent.
  4. We have received a loving and family like welcome here where Sacred Stone and Standing Rock come together. Your racism and discomfort at our unity does nothing to diminish the fact that we are relatives in this struggle. #staymad
  5. Oh yea, and saying all lives matter in this context, like in every context, is still racist. When yall finally mobilize and fight for all lives give me a shout.


UPDATE: August 29th

this time is historic.

at Standing Rock, we learned that there are dozens and dozens of tribes coming together at this site of resistance.

one of the most tremendous realities is the uniting of The Great Sioux Nation. The Seven Fires Council, who last came together in 1867, is together now.

When they last united, they defeated American forces in the battle of little big horn.

Thank you Krystal Twobulls for teaching us.


UPDATE: August 30th

the Black Lives Matter delegation has left Standing Rock to implement a strategy to pushback on the media whiteout. Members from the MPLS chapter will be there throughout the week bringing energy and supplies.

Mainstream media has not been covering this historical moment, it has largely been independent journalists and alternative media.

It is also very difficult to broadcast live or at all from the area of the camp due to inconsistent service, which means those of us on the outside must bring as much attention to Standing Rock and #noDAPL as possible.

Construction on the pipeline has been stayed temporarily by a judge, though there is an understanding that the corporation responsible, Energy Transfer, could begin again at any time without real penalty.

The verdict will be out mid-Sept, and BLM will return before then in force to be with our relatives when it is issued.

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How you can support this powerful Indigenous peoples direct action movement:

Legal Defense
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Sacred Stone Camp


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  1. Clarifying questions RE the ‘abundance of anti-Black racism regarding BLM’s solidarity caravan to Standing Rock’: Was that anti-blackness coming from those external to the camp or within the camp?
    And subsequently, where did the assertion that the presence BLM/Black people will compromise the peaceful protest at Standing Rock?


    An organizer orbiting African+Native American+Caribbean ancestry, Euro-Colonialism and working in Anishinaabewaki (aka Michigan).

    1. EDIT
      Second question should read: Where did the assertion that the presence BLM/Black people will compromise the peaceful protest at Standing Rock come from?

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