I do not believe she died in the way they said she did.

And even if she did say, “If you don’t leave, I’m going to kill you”, to an officer, you leave. You just leave. You leave because there is a promise of life in that ‘if’.

You especially leave when there is a 5yr old child in the house.

You absolutely leave when she is holding her 5yr old child, and he says in a video that she posted on her fb not long before she was killed that he did not want to go outside because the police were trying to kill them.

They killed Korryn Gaines. The police killed her. And they shot her 5yr old son.

He lives because he is lucky that they missed.

Another Black child who witnessed their parent killed by police.

The police who killed her said they ‘feared for their life’ when she told them to leave or die. She told you to leave.

There was a choice.
The police opened fire.

She was 23.
A mother of 2.
A human being.
A Black woman.


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