3 years since 3 brilliant Black women built up 3 words. Black. Lives. Matter.

Black Lives Matter has brought together some of the greatest revolutionaries across the globe i have been blessed enough to meet, fighting like hell for freedom.

and 3 years in, ‘all lives matter’ persists. not as a movement, not as an ethic, not as a practice. it persists as a derailment, a vicious silencing, a racist rant.

3 years in, we have constructed every means to explain, transform and teach the problematics of ‘all lives matter’. how it’s true in principle but not in practice. how the catch net of all lives continuously misses us. how if they believe in all lives, then they should be fighting for us as we fight for them.

3 years in, we know with unshakeable certainty that they refuse to say Black Lives Matter not out of confusion or ignorance, but because they do not agree.

they do not agree that Black lives matter.

they do not agree that Black life has inherent meaning, value, that we deserve life and quality of life.

the very insistence that we do matter is akin to terrorism to the state and its defenders.

Black Lives Matter. 3 words made controversial for people who have the audacity to exist.

but we are here.
and we will continue to be here.
and we will continue to fight.

the world is rising
rise with us or be swallowed whole.

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  1. Too bad BLM has chosen to ally themselves with anti-Israel groups, and indeed has vowed to be at the forefront of the BDS movement to destry the Israeli economy. Don’t you know that this not only glies in the face of the commont front forged by Martin Luther King Jr., but it impedes the ingathering of the tribes and the building of the temple that would herald the second coming of the Christ!!

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