let’s be clear about some things:

when you make every attempt to eradicate entire populations of people and steal their land

when you steal people, place them on ships and enslave them on said stolen land

when the wealth and economy made by stolen land and stolen labour are then used to keep those populations oppressed, ensuring reserves experience some of the harshest conditions and enslavement mutates into the prison industrial complex

when you create internment camps, indentured labourers, exploitative conditions for migrant workers

when you create policies, legislation and institutions that depend on the exploitation of those populations who are denied access on every socio-economic and political level, who are most vulnerable to state sanctioned violence

and use police forces and military to brutalize those people

and its white supremacy/white people that created, facilitated, directed and benefited from the aforementioned histories and realities…

i’d say those are the conditions of a race war.

not people trying to break free of one.

5 thoughts

  1. Your just another militant group trying to get free funds from the government .People are getting sick and tired of your rhetoric . Disgusting is all I can say about you .

  2. Who is the you that you refer to throughout this hate speech? I suppose you might actually believe that one group is the same for all of your examples, but look closer. Is it?

    The complexity of social injustices necessarily makes it immune to simple solutions like violence. Violence will merely hurt your neighbors and achieve little else. Is that what you want?

    I am not a hateful person and give every person I meet the same respect and love I would hope to receive myself. Hateful rhetoric regardless of its source (even if that source has faced real injustice) is tired and indefensible.

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