Dem Candidate Hillary Clinton: ‘we all need to come together’
Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders: ‘we all need to come together’
Toronto Mayor John Tory: ‘we all need to come together’
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti: ‘we all need to come together’

HC: Clinton administration led to the highest rate of incarceration for Black people in the US
MS: Represents a police force that antagonizes, brutalizes and criminalizes Black people, a force that murdered Andrew Loku, and called for the equivalent of open season on Black Lives Matter Toronto
JT: denies the existence of white privilege, has not responded adequately to the murder of Andrew Loku, has aligned himself with the police and against BLMTO
EG: Mayor of a city whose police force is responsible for the most murders in the country.

it is always those that perpetuate the most violence against marginalized communities that call for a ‘coming together’.

it is always the expectation that disenfranchised communities should somehow overcome the very barriers, the betrayals and the violence perpetrated by the state to ‘come together’.

it is always the lie we are fed. the lie that suggests that somehow the conditions that we live in, conditions created by the imperialist, white supremacist capitalist hetero-patriarchy, are the fault of those most oppressed, as if ‘unity’ were ever the premise, goal or effort by the state.

we do need to come together, but not with the state.

not while they actively kill us.
we are in a movement time, and the world is rising. shout out Chicago, LA, London UK, South Africa, Brazil, NYC, Atlanta, Palestine, and everywhere in the world fighting for Black Lives, for justice.

we need to come together on the streets, in communities, in solidarity. we need to protect each other. we need to recognize that your beef is mine.

we got one thing over the state.
our numbers
and its roll call y’all.

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