im tired of the narrative of how brave i am, and how brave my queer and trans siblings are all the time. for being who we are, for dressing as we do, for living and loving and creating families despite constant attack.

when someone tells me they are moved by how ‘brave’ i am, it immediately communicates two things

1. they are in shock that i have the audacity to exist at all, and are more invested in their surprise than my liberation.
2. they have no intention of changing the deadly circumstances that require such ‘bravery’, rather this is the first time they have even had to think of it at all and connection does not mean commitment.

let this be clear; it is not us that needs to be brave, it is you.

straight, cis people, it is time for you to be brave enough to be more than a bystander behind the rails of the pride parade in your annual demonstration of equality.

it is time for you to demand more of yourself than repeating the same mantra of ‘i think people should be able to love who they love’.

if you really believe it, fight for it.

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