yesterday, BLMTO crashed a press conference for a mural meant to be part of an apology by the TPS for the raids and brutalization of queer and trans communities 35 years ago. This political maneuvering, capitalizing on the tragedy in Orlando, this pinkwashing, changes nothing; the police are still homophobic and transphobic, racist and unaccountable in their practice.

we were surrounded by police and community members, most of whom were white and gay and lesbian identified.

we called out the police and Chief Mark Saunders, who was there. we called out the last 35 years of police brutality, the devastation of entire communities due to TAVIS, the neglect of Sumaya Dalmar’s case, the criminalization of sex workers, of the poor, the racialized and the injustices that could never be undone in a problematic, unimpressive and transphobic mural.

as we chanted Black Lives Matter, something peculiar happened.
this crowd of people tried to out chant us with ‘all lives matter’.

in all of our actions, from shutting down highways, to occupying the police headquarters, to having actions in schools in support of Black students, never once have people tried to chant that.

this is important. these people who i am meant to share my queer and trans identity with, who have an experience of oppression, used their white privilege and ignorance in an effort to silence us.
white supremacy is white supremacy no matter the gender or sexuality.

their racism and narcissism surrounding their experience of oppression, combined with white supremacy, makes a toxic and dangerous reality.
a reality that requires my silence, the erasure of my Blackness, in order to achieve their liberation.

remember, white Pride is still White Pride.
some of y’all will be waving that gay flag as quickly as the confederate.

some of y’all
this pride though.


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