what took place in Orlando is not Islam.

the mass murder of over 50 queer and trans folks is the result of centuries old hate.

the hate constructed by imperialism, constructed by a country that has had more mass shootings than days in the year, it is the reality of the western world’s denial of its hatred of lgbtq2siaa people.

the media will tell you Omar Mateen was a terrorist, an Islamic fanatic. be mindful.
this is their way of asserting the lie that the western world, that north america, is ‘tolerant’, of people like you, like me.

white supremacy will construct Muslim as ‘other’, denying it’s construction of queer and trans people as deviants, as pedophiles, as hellbound sinners worthy of death.

white supremacy will blame Islam, white supremacy will call this brown, it will use this to further justify inflated military response and bloated financial aid to kill Muslims all over the world.

white supremacy will deny it’s imperialist, capitalist Christian hetero-patriarchal fanaticism, it will pinkwash as easily as it whitewashes.


As i mourn the murder of my people, i will call out the racism that blames Islam, Muslims and Black and Brown people.

as i mourn, i will continue to fight against the white supremacist cis christianity that kills far more of us than any other religion, take the 200+ Anti LGBT Bills introduced recently by the Christian Right Wing.

and all the cis, straight people who have hung on my words, will you not rise up and stop the noose around our necks?

this fight is your fight too.

don’t you ever forget it.

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