you be coming for racialized and poor people, immigrants and non-status folks talm that, ‘they all want handouts and subsidies’.

ain’t no group in north america got more subsides and handouts than white people.

  • the promise of 100,000,000 acres of indigenous land to colonize
  • free labour from enslaved Afrikans
  • payment for those enslaved Afrikans who were ‘freed’
  • the funding provided to build residential schools
  • all Christian missionary work funding
  • prime loans over subprime loans
  • affirmative action, which statistically speaking benefits white women most
  • all the scholarships, grants and bursaries collected for white mediocrity
  • every tax break for white and corporate wealth while a massive racial economic gap expands that disproportionately impacts Black women
  • all monies allocated for scientific breakthroughs through torturing and experimenting on Black people
  • all bonuses and incentives received in the justice system for conviction rates and subsequent mass incarceration of Black, Indigenous and Latinx people.
  • etc


One thought

  1. I disagree with you guys. This is not America. You went about this the wrong way. Instead of sympathy from white people you have alienated us.

    Do you know how uncomfortable you have made my personal relationship with black guys. You made me automatically racist, just because. Why? Why am I racist? For being born? I like everybody.

    Why don’t you guys get real jobs? Or join a baseball league or something if you needed a sense of family and team.

    If I were a betting man, and I am, I’d put all my money on you guys losing. Success starts from the top down, and your organization is based on some terrible people and evil globalists ( George Soros ).

    Don’t be racist anymore. Be normal. It is better. Being fanatically racist is bad for your health.


    James L.

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