Jasmine Abdullah sentence in the revolting and unjust conviction of felony lynching:

90 day jail time with 18 days credit (no prison time)
no stay away order from Pasadena park
3 years probation

this is a win. it is also a loss. it the atrocity, the horrendous reality of how felony lynching, a law historically meant to ‘protect’ Black people in the custody of the police from white mobs who would attempt to rip our ancestors away and hang them from trees, is now being used against a Black Lives Matter activist who attempted to remove a young Black person from violent police hands.

we know all too well what happens to our people when we are in police custody.

this is a win in the statements of solidarity, the packed courthouse, the 70000 signatures, the videos and alternative media coverage, our push, efforts and promise of our own justice in the event that she was given prison time.

it is a loss because this is the political climate that we live in. because a conviction happened at all. because our sibling is still behind bars. because so many of us are still behind bars. because it could have been any one of us. because this precedent set in the ‘justice system’ is one that will come up again. because we love her, and each other, and our people and we shouldn’t have to go through this shit.

this is our fight. this is what it means. the sacrifice. our very lives.


i will talk about Jasmine like i talk about our heroes in Mumia, Angela, Assata, Afeni, Sekou, George, Jonathan, Black, Bika, i will talk about Patrisse and Miski and Kandace, Alicia, Ayoka, Barbara and Asha, and Fresco and Charlene and Tia and Opal and Sandy and Alex and Yusra and LeRoi and Pascale and Rodney and Elle and Monica and Emani and Dream and Rosa and Justin and Bianca and Umi and Rachel and Jonel and Thandisizwe and Melina and Christina and Malia and Jay-Marie and Ash-Lee and all the damn freedom fighters out there putting it on the line.

call out your homies that are doing the damn thing while we honour Jasmine and each other in this fight.

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