Note to Reader: White supremacy, and the imperialist capitalist heteropatriarchy that we live in informs and is responsible for Hotepery. As you read, be clear on this. This is not a ‘Black issue’, this is about challenging and dismantling a dangerous legacy informed by that white supremacist hegemonic structure.

So you’re minding your business online…


When suddenly…


Enter Hotep:

A person who promotes a quasi-religious, quasi-intellectual set of beliefs based in obscure and dramatically inaccurate historical references to ancient Egypt while ignoring the rest of Africa, obsession with food modification, conspiracy theories, the regulation of Black women and their bodies, and the ’emasculation’ of Black men.

Hotepery is fallacious and selective, yet determined to create a semblance of authenticity through including biblical references, alluding to science but erasive of scientific fact, and adding a pseudo-Islamic, Afrocentrist philosophy.

And it’s ridiculous in its arrogance, assumptions and entitlement, engendering some of the most entertaining responses on social media from memes and tweets to blog and status updates.


While the memes and jokes are hilarious, Hotepery is extremely dangerous. It centers Black nationalism without Black liberation, requires little investment or truth, and continues a hyper masculine patriarchal narrative that depends upon the subjugation of Black women and the eradication of Black queer and trans people.

And alarmingly, it has been most alluring to cis-het* Black men who make up the overwhelming majority of its followers. Many of these Black men, walking the line of patriarchal privilege paired with anti-Black racism find echoes of themselves in hotep narratives that feel both empowering and affirming.

Hotepery’s obstinacy, misinformation and obsessive fear of ’emasculation’ is harmful to Black men, who are not even allowed to express care and intimacy towards each other on one extreme


and on another, deadly to Black trans women, who are too often murdered before Black men deal with their internalized homophobia, transphobia and attraction. It literally destroys the ability for many Black populations to love each other in ways not informed by white supremacy.

Did I mention that many cis, straight Black women also ascribe to hotep ideology? It may transcend gender, but the realities of how power and privilege play out still requires an examination of cis-het Black men, patriarchy, the violence it creates and the failure of this population to show up for queer, trans and female identified Black people historically and in this movement time.

While most hoteps are easy to recognize, from the ankh wielding, dashiki wearing brother to the online cultist spewing facts on cryptozoology, saying ’empress’ and condemning periods in Black women as filth or sickness, this ideology is far more insidious and deeply ingrained, even infiltrating cultures of resistance.

A prime example is the Bill Cosby case. A few months ago, the internet came alive when dozens of women came forward to say that Cosby, a 78 yr old Black man adored for his role as Heathcliff Huxtable on 80’s sitcom ‘The Cosby Show’, had drugged and sexually assaulted over 50 women throughout his career as America’s favorite ‘father’ figure.

Suddenly, a throng of Black men were crawling out the woodwork in defense of Cosby. They had dozens of reasons for how he was being set up, from how long it took for the women to come forward, to conspiracies around the destruction of Cosby’s legacy and most absurdly, that he was poised to buy NBC and the powers that be colluded to tear him down.

These defenders were not just the easily identifiable hotep nationals, but rather a spectrum of Black men. Black men I have marched with and shouted down police brutality with, Black men who speak fluently on capitalism and white supremacy, and even Black men who do not actively engage in political discourse, all united in upholding one of the bastions of hotep culture; the fervent belief in the preservation and power of the Black man and the conspiracy to bring him down.

I want to be clear: there IS a conspiracy, but without all the secrecy; it’s called anti-Black racism, and it affects ALL Black people, not just Black men.

Hotep Black nationalism is only concerned with the freedom of cis-het Black men, and allows for the erasure of women and the denial of rape culture in lieu of this larger, more important goal. This erasure is also seen when Black queer and trans people are told we are being divisive when we talk about our intersecting identities, or better still, that we are derailing from the ‘real’ issues.

Black liberation however, holds the complexity of the situation, acknowledging the reality of anti-Black racism while still maintaining the truth of survivorship and the need to believe women when they speak on rape and sexual assault. The tensions that exist between hotep nationalism and Black liberation are as a result of the former, requiring the elimination of entire populations of Black people and the latter, which recognizes the need for plurality in our Black identities as well as active resistance against the state.

Hotepery is also deeply invested in the concept of reinstatement of the ‘original’ Black family, best demonstrated in the disturbing movement Straight Black Pride. SBP’s main assertions rely on respectability politics and conspiracy; namely that queer and trans people are responsible for an imagined Black degeneracy, are the product of colonization and part of a larger plot meant to destroy Afrikan people through the destruction of the family.

While this manifestation of Hotepery might appear on the outskirts of popular rhetoric and therefore easily dismissed, its underpinnings strongly appeal to many Black people who are distressed about the state of Black communities, and instead of recognizing the larger power structures of anti-Black racism, they subscribe to heterosexism, patriarchism and respectability, all models that have historically attacked Black women first.

The idea that queer and trans people are unable to form and lead healthy Black families stems from the same ideology that suggests single parent homes led by Black women are broken and unhealthy; both rely on the presence of a cis-het Black man to dominate and direct it.

Furthermore, we see this same pattern in this movement time, where Black Lives Matter, from Toronto to LA, and Black Youth Project 100, from Chicago to New York and across the board, are two major movements pushing and fighting and winning for Black Liberation. They are led by queer, trans and female identified people, many of whom are poor, sex working, unapologetic and ferocious in their commitment to justice, from changing legislation, to changing the face of state prosecutors, to shutting down highways, challenging police and changing curriculum.

The absence of many Black cis-het men in movements with Black queer, trans and women leadership was strikingly apparent in witnessing Justice or Else, a march last year commemorating the 20th anniversary for the Million Man March. There were Black men in droves. It hit me that this was so much deeper than not agreeing with the names or platforms of current movements, and it wasn’t about disinterest or apathy, rather it was a refusal to take leadership from women, queer and trans folks.

Hotepery is a direct result of white supremacy, of capitalism and hetero-patriarchy. It imitates the current power structure with the amendment of Black nationalism, alienating entire populations of Black people and working against Black Liberation.

We need an intervention.

Black men who are hoteps, it’s time to support your people who are fighting and working and dying for your freedom. I know the allure, I listened to Nas, rocked the ankh, and know how necessary self-determination was in what felt like the hangover period of Black power movements in the 60s and the state’s effort to decimate Black communities. Truth is, we all got a little hotep in us.

We went through it, but our politic evolved.

Meet us in that place, beyond the respectability, beyond Black nationalism, beyond homophobia and transphobia and misogyny.

If you fight so hard for something that requires you to kill off certain parts of yourself, that dictates how you love and who you love, that makes it so you cannot show up and love entire populations of Black people, your people, then what is it worth?

cis-het*- someone who has a gender identity that aligns with what they were assigned at birth, that is also heterosexual

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    1. Just as much as your screen name….We beez Kings an shit and den da White Devil done stole it aways from us (now that was satire lol).

  1. Why do ‘conscious’ people desacralize an ancient African concept (hotep) to signify unconscious asshole? Hotep is actually an offering on a reed mat. i don’t know which is worse. Unconscious people who pretend to be conscious by wrapping their beliefs in Afican symbols or unconscious critics who pretend to be conscious by turning Mdw Ntr into insults and trying to make this fucked up trend a ‘thing’. What’s next ‘Asheys’? ‘Alafios’?

  2. Hmmm, it seems that the author of this piece is trying very hard to coin a phrase and make this into a thing. Hotep = Knowledge, wisdom and understanding of one’s Higher Self. To negatively call the behavior and sentiments of these individuals “hotepery”(though it’s a cheap attempt at irony) is just confusing and wrong. For true knowledge of the higher self, requires one not to stoop to such asinine, abusive and discriminatory behavior towards women, gays, trans etc. I really think the author missed an opportunity to enlighten the reader as to the true meaning of the HOTEP principles. Instead, they wrote out of a tone of condescension as opposed to understanding; they associated something beautiful with something destructive. The author’s snarky and abrasive tone and rhetoric (though I vastly agree with *some of their ideas) I personally find offensive. To quote one of biblical passages that they (the author) held in such contempt, “A brother that’s offended is harder to be warned…”

    Both sides of this spectrum are too unripen in our maturity for any revolution to happen just yet, teach us, then give us time to grow before you go and write us off and label us. Both sides of the Black liberation movement displays sickening arrogance and myopia. Until we put down the condescending and pick up UNDERSTANDING, we will not move into the fullness of our promise.


    1. My sentiments nearly exactly. Aren’t we evolving? I don’t expect all of us to be on the same spiritual levels..divisive and ego centered.

  3. I’m not even down for egyptology, and I can tell you just as pseudo as they are. Facts all in abuse and disuse. You trying to put buggery in the minds of black men? Lol, listen here, Joe blow on the street ain’t as stupid as you’d like to think. We backed Cosby for no other reason than the white man wanted a brother down and out, and we wasn’t having it. If you too blind to see the feminization of the brothers going on, then you too blind to see anything else that any other brother would want to follow. No thank you, you can have your delusions. Bye felicia.

  4. The author seemed to be trying very hard to deny the conspiracies against the Black community for the sake of feminism and gay rights. Stating that a home without a father shouldn’t be considered “broken” seems like the highest point of her arrogance. Ironically, it seems like she’s trying to justify these feminist ideas by saying they will unify the Black Liberation movement, which is the opposite of the truth.

    1. Exactly, she is obviously not balanced and nuts. People can’t be afraid to call someone nuts if they actually are. And she fits the cake with her ludicrous ideology which is really inhumane.

    1. I see the same defensiveness in some of these responses to the article that I see in white folks who respond with the same kind of angry, vitriolic words when black folks mention anti-black racism. It’s long past time to acknowledge that all our skinfolks aren’t our kinfolks, as Nora Zeal Hurston once said. The misogyny, homophobia, and pseudo-science that Hoteps are notorious for are impediments to any meaningful black progress or the fight for racial justice because they undermine us from within. There is no such thing as progress based on regressiveness.

  5. It Would be better to not associate such a historically positive word with a new negative condition. That act seems to counter what the author is trying to accomplish.

  6. Fantastic piece of writing! Such a great articulation of the discomfort I’ve felt with this terribly misguided school of thought. I am as thrilled by your critique as I am sorrowful about the first few comments. Sigh, none so blind as those who will not see. Keep up the good work though.

  7. An intelligent critique of the homophobe, misogynist, racist or oppressor of any stripe is to point out that they do not represent the sacred African principle that they mouth. It is equally ass backwards to diminish the principle itself. How dare anyone call herself a Black liberation movement leader when she throws as much dirt on our culture as those who coopt it. #blackculturematters

  8. from my understanding of life… not having both parents creates a lack of balance.. men and women are built differently from the inside out, simply having male influences dont take the place of a father. you grow up and learn from what you are first exposed too,
    … egypt had female rulers and hold the woman in high regard not less than.. you could do everything your self but you need a partner in life to complement you.. the author found that in a woman but i know actually that if we leave homosexualls alone they should just die out.. because they cant reproduce.. a broken situation. there is a mental fuck up with homosexualls that find the opposite sex disgusting.. your brain should be transplanted

    1. Bitch shut the fuck up. You need to do your research and realize that there are millions and millions of LGBT ????️‍???? people who have children. A heterosexual family can be Dysfunctional and fucked up. Gays will not die it’s impossible, so what you and your dumbass Uncle Tom hidden color no fact to prove bums can sit down. It’s not a mental illness, but your homophobia is

  9. Seems to be an inflammatory piece produced from an uninformed myopic view that is unto itself a contribution to White supremacist rhetoric and the imperialist capitalist heteropatriarchy it produces.

  10. The thing is that so much of current “black consciousness” ideology is misguided, poorly researched, wholly flawed. No black people disagree that black people in general have been marginalized to say the least, but what many “Hidden Colors” obsessed folk don’t seem to understand is that if I am black like you, have a basic consciousness of the state of black lives past, present, and future like you and want equality for my fellow black people like you then why can we not unite on just those principles? How can a movement dedicated to an entire group of people exclude certain kinds of people within the group? That’s bogus! But as Dr. Umar stated on “Hidden Colors 2,” “the problem with the conscious movement is that all we do is run our damn mouths” and often it is just to say “you can’t sit with us.” Anyway it is a well articulated article. Also. I marched w Black Lives Matter in Charleston last year and i assure you some lesbians are the most passionate. We would be weaker to fight without them.

  11. Good work . Hotep are the Black MEN RiGht Activist + Black alt right + Black pick up artist . They want to have the power that the White Supremacy has just run by them . They don’t want to erase the status quo for every one to live freely they want to be the status quo . It will have oppression but they won’t be the first target .

  12. I wonder what you all gotta say to black people who don’t wants kids or who can’t have kids. hypocrite theory conspiracy is debunked. BOOM FACTS.

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