this morning at around 3:45 a.m. the cops stormed the occupation at 4th precinct in Minneapolis. we stood firm as they surrounded our small group of around 35 people on both sides of the campsite. at least 150 cops in full riot gear, bobcats (small bulldozers), 2 public transit buses commandeered for police use, trucks and multiple cars rolled up on us.

after weeks of terrorism and abuse, copters and drones circling daily to monitor the site, endless threats a shooting, infiltration and surveillance, police proved just how powerful we are.
we saw their fear tonight.

we pushed their barricade down and chanted resilience despite the seemingly insurmountable odds.
as we watched the police tear down another Black community, we held what we are capable of.
the state destroys, but we, we build.

Jamar Clark will get justice.
We will continue to fight for freedom.
We will win.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, yall are fire.

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