trans day of remembrance. trans day of resilience.

i think of Black Lives Matter and how it is trans* and non-binary folks who are on the front lines fighting for freedom, and most of whom won’t have family to go home to over the upcoming ‘holiday’.

i think of how trans and nb people are the poorest and most un/der-employed i know, yet still give countless hours and days and months to fighting for freedom.

i think of how trans women of colour and Black and two spirit and indigenous trans women are and should be our most ferocious leaders, and also are our most vulnerable populations in this imperialist white supremacist capitalist hetero-patriarchy.

i think of how many Black trans women have been killed by the same people whose freedom ive been fighting for.

i think of how much we go through in owning our most authentic selves, the monstrosity that is transphobia, misogynoir and its ilk.

the strongest people i know are trans women, femme and female identified. but their strength should not have to be determined by how much they are forced to carry every single day that they breathe, by how much betrayal they are meant to swallow, by how many friends they have lost.

it is not our endurance of oppression, but our resilience, our resistance despite it, despite every effort to destroy us, that keeps me fighting.

love to my trans fam.

with you, with us, i know that we will win.

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