out here in the uk, meeting some dope freedom fighters and building the movement, surrounded by those who want change.

then I read about a man pushing a Muslim woman into an incoming underground train, not far from where I’m staying out here.

i know that this is just one incident of brutalization and attempted murder and murder. that Muslim people everywhere are in danger for existing.

France dropping 20 bombs isn’t enough. 20 bombs doesn’t undo a lifetime of hate.

show up for your Muslim homies. make sure they good, make sure they get home, make sure they are fed. show up in respectful ways for the ones you don’t know, getting harassed on the subways, pushed out of lines, ignored when asking for directions.

it’s those microaggressive acts that evolve into pushing someone into an oncoming train. interrupt the process.

protect our people.

photo: NUS Black Students

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