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July 2017

Black activists hold protest in response to fatal police shooting in Montreal

MONTREAL – Police should have no role in responding to mental health crises, activist groups said in response to last week last week’s police shooting of a Montreal man. About 200 people, including representatives from the Montreal and Toronto chapters of the group Black Lives Matter, attended a protest Sunday in front of the apartment where Pierre Coriolan was shot.

June 2017

Janaya Khan of Black Lives Matter on Building a More Inclusive Pride

The year is 1981. The Toronto Police Services, under Operation Soap, raided four gay bathhouses throughout Toronto. More than 300 men were arrested in the second largest mass arrest in Canadian history at the time. Gay and lesbian bathhouses had been raided before, but something about this one felt different.

Black Lives Matter not registered for this year’s Pride parade | Toronto Star

Black Lives Matter Toronto, the group that was largely instrumental in minimizing police participation in this year’s Toronto Pride Parade, will not be marching in the parade, organizers say. Pride spokesperson Ryan Connelly has confirmed BLM missed the May 20 deadline to register, indicating they will not be participating in the parade.

Black Lives Matter Leader Calls NYPD Gay Pride March Invitation to Toronto Police ‘Disgraceful’

The Canadian offshoot of the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t a fan of police officers. Having previously hijacked Toronto’s Gay Pride march with a list of demands that included banning “oppressive” police floats from partaking in the event, the BLM activists have now set their sights across the border.

Freedom Lecture: Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors & Janaya Khan – Vrijheidslezing On TourChinoutv | Chinoutv

Livestream 2016-12-22 – in english – Vrijheidslezing on tour Patrisse Cullors van Black Lives Matter Arminius & De Balie organiseren op 22 december de 15e Vrijheidslezing on tour: Patrisse Cullors, mede- oprichter van Black Lives Matter. 0 Cullors is kunstenaar, activist en vrijheidsstrijder.

May 2017

April 2017

5 Strategies for Difficult Conversations About Race

Janaya Khan: With the Trump administration coming into power, I’ve heard many people, and especially white people ask, “What can I do?” Well, the movement answered. It’s time to finally start having those challenging conversations with your friends, your family members, and your coworkers.

March 2017

The Criminal Justice System Is Broken: Should the Police Be Abolished?

Black Lives Matter activist Janaya Khan explains how we can abolish the whole criminal justice system, including police-because it’s broken.

Toronto councillor wants Pride parade grant axed after event bans police floats

TORONTO – Amid mounting controversy over police participation in pride events across the country, a Toronto city councillor is calling for a municipal donation to Canada’s largest Pride parade to be cut after the event banned police floats from future festivities.

“It’s not about justice anymore.” #BlackLivesMatter activist Janaya Khan on why policing…

“It’s not about justice anymore.” #BlackLivesMatter activist Janaya Khan on why policing is no longer working-and what can be done instead: Source

Police oversight review report will be shared with public in April

An 11-month-long review of civilian oversight of police in Ontario has now wrapped up public consultations and a report will be delivered to Ontario’s attorney general later this week. Once they’re delivered to Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, the report and recommendations of the independent police oversight review is expected to be made public in April, according to Justice Michael H.

Black Lives Matter : The Disruptors – Episodes – the fifth estate

It grew in just a couple of years from a hashtag to a powerful movement that has taken on police shootings of black people and is defiantly challenging the political establishment. Black Lives Matter now has over 40 chapters in the United States and Canada – and The Fifth Estate takes you inside the movement with the people who helped build it.

No Ban, No Walls, No Prison, No Cops: A Conversation with Janaya Khan and Maytha Alhassen – Patrisse Cullors

Originally posted March 1st on Medium Patrisse Cullors interviews Maytha and Future to Discuss No Ban No Walls, No Prisons No Cops. This is an exploratory conversation on why our movements, especially the movement to end mass criminalization, should center Blackness. This is a transcript of the conversation.

February 2017

Black Lives Matter is shining a harsh light on racism in Toronto-and pissing off some powerful people

Last March, in the bleak late winter, members of Black Lives Matter Toronto hunkered down outside police headquarters on College Street. It had been a lousy month for black people in Toronto. The city announced that the music festival Afrofest would be downsized due to noise complaints.

Canada cities are banning police from Pride parades – BBC News

Black Lives Matter says police should not march in gay pride parades. And across Canada, LGBTQ organisations are starting to agree. It’s hard to steal the spotlight from Justin Trudeau. Clad in a pink button-down shirt open at the collar, all eyes (and iPhone cameras) were on the meme-able prime minister last July, when he marched in Toronto’s Pride parade.

Pride Toronto hires its first black female executive director

Pride Toronto has hired Olivia Nuamah as its new executive director, the first time the organization has appointed a black woman to the role. The much-anticipated hire comes after nearly eight months of turmoil sparked by a Black Lives Matter Toronto protest at July’s Pride Parade, which was followed by the resignation of executive director Mathieu Chantelois weeks later.

Janaya Khan on Black Lives Matter and the Art of Resistance

Black Lives Matter-a hashtag turned international movement largely led by women-is known in one breath as the new Civil Rights movement and in another as a terror group, despite the fact that our work is centred on demanding life and longevity for Black people.

Toronto police won’t march in 2017 Pride parade: Saunders | Metro News

Activist’s campus visit yields mixed reactions

Steph & Janaya Khan – 2/7/17

January 2016

Why black-on-black crime continues to be a thing: Paradkar | Toronto Star

Black Lives Matter activist to speak at Northwest

On the frontline with Black Lives Matter at Donald Trump’s inauguration

Amid Protest, Trump Sworn in as 45th President of the United States

Black Lives Matter Activists Chain Themselves Together to Block Inauguration Checkpoint

Black Lives Matter launches four years of resistance with anti-Trump disruption protest

Environmental Racism Is a Special and Urgent Concern

Pride Toronto votes to endorse Black Lives Matter demands | Metro Toronto

Pride board has yet to meet about member vote to support Black Lives Matter demands | Toronto Star

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